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Save Energy With Home Blower Door Test

Many individuals are worried about their high energy bills. Due to all these things, they don’t understand how it increases and what measures can be taken to control energy bills. Here, everyone starts focusing on lower usage of electronics and other gadgets. Sometimes, the increase in energy bills happens due to other issues, such as – leakages in house property. When it comes to the detection of leakages, you cannot ignore the option of blower testing methods.

These are some unique techniques performed by well-trained professionals with the help of multiple types of equipment. It helps in a measure the leakages along with the affected air pressure. If you want to gather more details about the test, you should keep reading the blog.

Blower Door Test – An Introduction

Mainly individuals want to know how this test can be performed and what kind of safety measures can be taken. By conducting the test, you can understand how much leakage takes place in your house. The test can be conducted on any kind of building commercial, industrial, and residential. Along with it, the property owners need to make sure they choose the best service provider.

In case you don’t choose the right professional, you may not get the best experience with proper results. As a result, you may lack in gaining the benefits.

· Higher energy consumption

· Lower HVAC system’s efficiency

· Entry of pollutants inside the house

These are some major reasons that can explain how leakage can be problematic and why you should put effort into searching it. With a proper blower door test, a leakage can be found.

How Does Blower Testing Work?

Blower door testing takes place by following a proper procedure. Along with the process, everyone has to take care of some basic things as well. By paying attention to the following details, you can understand it.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to seal the complete house such as – sealing windows, doors, air ducts, etc. With it, you should turn off the air devices like the HVAC system and other appliances. Running air devices can create problems.

Step 2: Now you should choose a specific door where you want to attach the testing equipment. Place the complete frame of the device on the door. Along with the frame, you should focus on proper sealing as well. Here, you need to connect some major things, such as – hoses for measuring air pressure, a big blower, and a manometer.

Step 3: After completing the setup, you should proceed by turning on the device. It will start to measure the air pressure and pull complete air from inside the house and depressurizing it.

Step 4: When complete air is out from the house, you may start detecting the entry of new air. It happens because of leakages. If new air does not enter the house, it means your house does not have any leak points.

Step 5: By focusing on the air pressure and stats of new air replacement, you can figure out the scale of leakage.

All these things can be handled with some specific knowledge and experience only.

Final Words

In case you detect any problem with your house regarding air pressure or HVAC system results, you should contact blower door test professionals. If you want to hire the best service providers at affordable prices, you can contact us. Our team of professionals would like to assist you and eliminate all your problems with the best possible solutions. We are certified and registered to provide such services. We can perform these tests on all types of buildings and at any stage, such as – a newly constructed or old one.

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