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Franchise Opportunity

***Now until the End of the Year, Franchise Fees are reduced down to $5,000. This is limited to one Franchise Location (County) per Franchisee.***

Green Energy Services has developed a franchise model focused on the success and growth of our franchisees. Our commitment, attention to detail, and desire to become a leader in energy testing has been proven right here in Tampa, FL. After building a strong local business presence focused on quality, timeliness, and scalability, we created the Green Energy Services Franchise opportunity to take our expansion, marketability, and vision to cities across the United States.

Add a second source of income! We encourage our franchisees to start off slow, and grow into the business so they don't feel overwhelmed in their new venture. Eventually as you get more comfortable, and you grow your clients and reputation you can make this a full time job, but it all at your own pace, with a little nudge and even help from us. The beauty of this business model is we keep very low overhead allowing our franchisees to see great returns on their investment and giving them peace of mind that they don't have large monthly bills coming in. Our model only requires you to have a mobile setup, be that a car, suv or truck, and purchase the necessary tools to do the job. 

A typical business day will be you driving to new construction or existing homes to tests them for energy efficiency. In the case of new construction(home additions as well), it typically takes anywhere from 20-45mins for setup, testing, and takedown. These are your repeat customers; builders , contractors,  plus spec and tract home builders, who are just looking to get a passing certificate to get their CO (Certificate of Occupancy) to finalize the house build. We train you on sales, communication, and accounting to make this a streamlined process that will keep your clients coming back, as we have!

As for existing homes, these homes typically have issues that the homeowner is looking to fix. They typically do not know what the problem is, they just know something is wrong. So we come into the house, setup our equipment, and do a much more thorough inspection of the interior space of the home. We check all know problem areas, take pictures and run additional tests and provide the results along with a full inspection report with pictures, descriptions, and repairs (this is all part of the training you will receive). Along with this we will inspect the design of the a/c system, to make sure it is setup properly(also included in our training and on-going support). 

Additional services we offer are simple repairs to give our homeowners the most energy efficient home as possible.(Again this is all part of training and on going support). Our founder comes from a construction background and can walk you through any problem you may have!

Energy efficiency is a serious concern for the construction industry and energy industry in the 21st century. Countries across the world have taken new measures to prevent energy loss that is damaging to the environment! Green Energy Services is one of very few companies who provide building testing for air leakage! 

With the increases in energy consumption it’s about time we start looking into ways to conserve the energy we are using! We have only just recently started testing homes for energy efficiency, since the building codes of 2017 came into effect and we can safely say that 99% of homes in the United States have never had a “blower door test” or a “duct leakage test”. 

A quick look at the chart below will show you where most of our energy in the home is spent. By providing these tests, we can minimize air leakage in homes, reduce energy bills for our clients, and reduce energy consumption on a massive scale.  


We are living in a world that is heavily dependent upon steady energy availability, and every day we become more and more dependent upon it. We see energy conservation becoming a widely addressed issue in years to come! Although public awareness of such energy efficiency tests is widely unknown, it will undoubtedly become vastly known in the following years to come. Energy Conservation programs have become a main focus for many countries and will continue to do so! Join Us in our Vision to create a Global Impact on Energy Conservation, and become an energy tester. 

Equipment Costs and Supplies:

Blower Door Test Equipment: $4,136.00+Taxes/Shipping*

Duct Leakage Testing: $3,266.00+Taxes/Shipping*

500 gallon Hydroseeding Equipment(Optional Service Upgrade): $15,395.00+Taxes/Shipping*

Other equipment includes a Home Office: Computer, Printer

Small Hand Tools, Extra Equipment

Vehicle: Truck/SUV/Cargo Van/Work Van

FRANCHISE FEE: $5,000.00 until the end of the year* (One franchise per franchisee maximum at this rate.)

Green Energy Services Franchise

We offer two different tests, coupled with thermal tools, that are quickly becoming a requirement throughout the United States, Canada, and many European Countries. These tests are the blower door test, which measures air changes in a house, and the duct leakage test, which tests the quality of the home’s duct system. These tests are required for new constructions in 42 states in the US alone and will soon be adopted by many more local building departments. The need for these tests is growing and we are happy to be there to serve our customers!


We are offering a franchising opportunity to interested entrepreneurs. Franchisees do not need a brick and mortar storefront, a reliable, fuel efficient vehicle will do the job. The initial investment will cover many of the costs required to operate the franchise, including a one-time franchise fee of $5,000 until the end of the year (Only one franchise available at this price per franchisee)*. 


Your initial investment grants you access to our comprehensive training program. Our program will teach you everything you need to know to operate your franchise with classroom training, on-the-job training and on-going business and sales support. We provide you with a website, a logo design specific to your vehicle, and sales support to get you started off right. We will be there every turn of the way to insure your success in business as a Green Energy Member!


When you join our Team, we will be there to answer any and all questions, as well as coach you through problems, and ensure your individual success! Call us today!


Fill out our form above or send us an email to

Jarid Derwort


Tampa, FL 33624  


This website and the information contained herein does not constitute the offer or sale of a franchise. There are certain states that require the registration of an FDD before the franchisor can advertise or offer the franchise in that state. This franchise may not be registered in all registration states and may not offer franchises to residents of those states or to persons wishing to locate a franchise in those states until compliance guidelines are met. The offer and sale of a franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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