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Now Offering Apartment, Multi-unit Condo, and Commercial Blower Door Testing throughout Florida!

Our Services

Blower Door

Testing-Residential and Commercial

A/C Duct


Residential and Small Commerical

We provide A/C Duct Leakage Tests for new construction homes as well as existing homes. We can help pinpoint problems located within your duct work.

We provide services for all commercial and residential needs, for hydroseeding residential and smaller commercial lawns, drain fields, and all other needs for erosion control. Call us today to receive a quote!


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About Us

Green Energy Services was started in 2021 as an energy conservation testing company, with its headquarters in Tampa, FL.


Our vision at Green Energy Services is to create a global impact on energy conservation, one home at a time. We offer blower door & A/C duct tests which determine the air tightness of a home and expose air leakage problems.


Blower door tests are now a requirement in most states in the U.S. building code for all new residential homes, remodels, and commercial buildings. Excessive air leakage can shorten the life span of A/C units, increase electricity bills, and run the risk of mold and mildew forming in the living space.  Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff pinpoint these problems for you! Most repairs will be minor drywall patches, filling of holes with spray foam, and caulking. Simple Repairs with outstanding results!

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About Us

“Great company! I found out last minute that I needed this test to get the CO on our new home. I called and they were very fast, efficient, friendly and helpful. They came right away so we could proceed to get the final inspection of our home."

Stacy Pace - Tampa, FL


Blower Door Test-QC Spray Foam Inspection & Punchout


Perfect for New Construction 

  • This test is done before drywall, after spray-foam is installed and all exterior doors and windows are in. Home is completely dried in.

Blower Door Inspection for Existing Homes

Reduce Electricity Bills! Save $$$

Perfect test for Homeowners

  • Includes a Blower Door Test, Inspection of interior of home, and duct work, and Full Report with pictures identifying problem areas and simple remedies to repair.

Energy + Package

Build the Tightest home possible!

Perfect for New Construction

  • This combines the QC Spray foam Inspection & Punchout w/ a Final Blower Door Test to Insure the tightest homes possible. We have achieved homes in the 1.5 Air Changes before installation of Drywall and Stucco, and 0.5 Air Changes on completely finished homes.


Blower Door Test-New Construction

Energy Efficiency Test with Certificate for CO

Perfect for Contractors 

  • 24 Hr Turnaround 

  • Punctual Scheduling

  • Immediate Results!


Spray on Grass

Perfect for Erosion Control for New Construction and Septic/Drain Fields

  • Residential

  • Light Commercial

  • Save $$$

  • Sod Alternative

A/C Duct 
Leak Test

Test your Duct Work!

Perfect for recent Renovations and New Construction

  • Expedited Services within 3 Days

  • Results Given Immediately

  • Flexible Scheduling



Looking to invest in a franchise with a low start up cost and high ROI? Be your own boss by owning the first of its kind energy testing franchise. With rapidly expanding requirement for countries around the globe to reduce energy consumption, we will set you up for success! Franchise Fees are reduced to $10,000.00 until the end of the year.

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